~High voltages~

* the plappering bird visits me the 2nd time... *
 as a uncertified doctor without degree
 or technical terms, I must observe:
she is exclaiming that somebody
 is watching her... (because you watch her,
 that is not wrong...)

 but that is not: illness.
 it is: observation.

1.1 mio.
youtube viewers are the best:

"she was aware that something
 was wrong and sought help...
 that was so brave of her...
(because she is sick!)

"what a well spoken & beautiful
 lady... and just think how
 today's online environment
 amplifies this style of condition...
(because she is sick!)

"the way this interviewer is
 speaking is so warming and kinD :-(
 I can't imagine how little was known
 then and her want to understand
 is very moving.
(because she is sick!)

"I also have schizophrenia as a 17y
 female and I tend to go into catatonic
 states... it's nice to see a girl
 just like me, without anyone being harsh
 or making fun of her. I'm glad she's
 able to share her experience like this...
(because she is sick!)

"she's able to articulate very well...
(because she is sick!)

"that young lady has such a quiet
 dignity despite all her mental
(because she is sick!)

"she's a smart girl.
 she can explain situation well...
(because she is sick!)

... or is she?
maybe she is just made so... ?
may I ask you, who is really sick now?!