Ich werde TLS nicht benutzen! -weil unsicher und so... außerdem will ich mir nicht die Mühe für eine ausgestorbene "Technologie" geben... ALSO VERSCHWINDE HIER, DU AFFE!!!

Shipyard, on Port 443

This port is protected by the TLS-police force. The man-in-the-middles trying to snack-tag on you will have some troubles here. They not only need to have l'oracle to decipher it quick, those pirates'll also need a ton of luck; trying to manipulate the data that gets transferred over here. [security concerns...] But if they ever try somethin' funny like taking our port... and I'll be damned... we'll not have one bit of a chance... ! ... I hope that day is far away... [And I hope, that police officer doesn't annoy you too much.] Notice, your MOM! I can and will not warn you every single page and archive long, of what happens when you blindly believe people on the internetz! These certificates can not stop man-in-the-middles on doing nasty stuff. Encryption can only prolong any attacks they do. (it goes like a siege on a castle...) Please don't judge me, when it goes wrong for you. (or when you assume to be safe, when you are actually not... are you really on HTTPS(crt:[noorg,noauth,nulle,FR]) if the site has a header with a com-sat station in the upper-left corner, you could be in HTTP-mode... -one tip remains; (but this one won't get through if MitM awaits): (crt:[blabla]) is not enough to verify me... you will need much more than that. -much much more...) Castles have not stopped armies rampaging the lands. Certificates and Root-Authorities will not stop this sort of behavior either. End Notice You don't seem like searching for something, traveler: *try to relink to http on PORT 80, be safe... *keep an eye on your belongings... pesky pirates are everywhere. *the website owner seems to collaborate with them too... but we are still investigating on this matter of affaires. If you came here through Port 80 and look for the 'real' crypto thing, redirect yourself to :443. We can also escort you back to the main-index on Port 80: :80
You should really be cautious, trying to download without any idea
the thingies I will post there. (what if you download some executables
and run them unchecked?! And you computer goes *BUMM*.